Department of Agricultural Technology


 Undergraduate training program


In order to meet the social demand for a labor force in the Mekong Delta provinces, the Department of Agricultural Technology (DAT) has opened an Agronomy major with an emphasis on agricultural technology. Academic curriculum has been adjusted appropriately to increase students' basic and specialized knowledge of rural areas and agricultural technology. This provides students with practical experience as part of their training.


The DAT will link with other units at CTU such as College of Agriculture and Applied Biology, College of Aquaculture and Fisheries, College of the Environment and Natural Resources and Mekong Delta Development Research Institute for teaching and doing research.


Depending on the requirements of society and the capacity of the University, other relevant specialized disciplines will be created at the CRD with the purpose of developing rural areas.


At present, the DAT is able to admit around 70 students annually. They are given many opportunities to study and self –develop. The DAT works to find scholarships for outstanding students and those with financial need.


Short-term training


The DAT, combined with the Center of Rural Development Services and Research, will offer short-term training courses as required by society and those in rural areas with the aims of improving and updating the knowledge of workers and farmers in the Mekong Delta.


Scientific research


Research will focus on fulfilling the practical needs of society in the Mekong Delta, including the needs of farmers, local government and other authority figures, and companies related to agricultural production and distribution.. The DAT collaborates with other departments, Faculty, the institute of CTU and other organizations, including local and international research groups, to conduct research.


DAT will procure and use funding from international cooperation programs and the state in order to provide equipment and other resources for scientific research.


International Cooperation


DAT shall promote international cooperation, taking advantage of these relationships to improve the effectiveness of training and research. This will also enhance the capacity of faculty and staff and create regular funding sources to support the activities of the Department.



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