The Department of Rural Socio-Economics

The DRSE will manage directly or affiliate with other institutions to educate undergraduate and graduate students at Hoa An Campus, Can Tho University.

  1. Education

Undergraduate Majors

- The Department will be responsible for managing the educational affairs of three main majors including Agricultural Extension, Community Development, and Rural Development.

- DRSE also affiliates with other educational institutions to organize and educate other disciplines and majors associated with rural socioeconomics, such as Agricultural Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Law, Cooperative Management, etc. coordinated by the University.

- Depending on the needs of society and ability of the University, new undergraduate majors will be offered annually at Hoa An Campus to prioritize improving human resources in rural areas.

- The Department also encourages and assists students in conducting scientific research by providing advice and technical assistance.

Short Training Programs

- In order to enhance the capacity and upgrade knowledge of local officials and farmers in the Mekong Delta, the Department will coordinate with the Rural Development Research and Services Center to conduct short training courses with regard to the needs for development in the Mekong Delta. These courses include Participatory Rural Appraisal, Participatory Technology Development, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, cooperative management, club management, agricultural marketing, and farm household economy management.

  1. Research

- The Department focuses on developing research programs that address real issues and are based on the needs of local provinces. In conducting effective research, DRSE will cooperate with the other departments of the College of Rural Development, other faculties and institutes of Can Tho University, local provinces, and local and international organizations.

- The Department searches actively for research funding from several sources, including university, state, and international research programs, as well as the research programs of local provinces.

  1. International Cooperation

The Department will work to promote international cooperation in order to enhance the quality and quantity of education and research activities. International cooperation research and training will improve staff’s capacity and contribute financially to support the Department’s activities.


Tất cả

Address: 554 National way 61, Hoa Duc Hamlet, Hoa An Commune, Phung Hiep District, Hau Giang Province
Phone: (84) (293) 3511111 hoặc (84) (293) 2229079;
Fax: (84) (293) 3982857