Department of Rural Technology


The Department of Rural Technology will manage directly or affiliate with other institutions to educate undergraduate and graduate students at Hoa An Campus, Can Tho University. 

 The Department of Rural Technology has 10 staff and faculty members with different expertise, including Information Technology, Environmental Engineering, Construction and Mechanics.

Education and Training

College lecturing

Our mission is to associate with other education parties (Colleges, Institutes, Departments) to organize and manage majors that are related to rural technology such as applied information technology, information systems, construction technology, environmental science,  and irrigation systems according to Can Tho University regulation.

The Department encourages and assists students in conducting scientific research by providing advice and technical assistance.

Our Department currently offers majors in Construction Technology and Information Technology.

Short Training Courses

In order to improve the qualifications and update the knowledge of officers and farmers in the Mekong Delta, the Department will cooperate with the Rural Development Research and Service Center of our college to organize short training courses according to the demands of society and rural areas, especially to serve the demands of the New Rural Development Program.


We cooperate with other departments, colleges, and institutes inside and outside of Can Tho University, as well as provincial governments and international parties in conducting research. Our research will focus on the practical demands that are related to the needs of the local rural areas

We would like to take advantage of funds from international cooperation programs, the government, the ministries, and the university in order to upgrade the facilities for our research.

In 2012, our Department, in association with the Department of Agricultural Technology and the Department of Rural Socio-Economics  has undertaken the program “Building a combination model between Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism in order to raise the awareness of the community.” This program is expected to extend for five years.

International Cooperation

Our Department will promote international cooperation in order to improve the efficiency of our training and education as well as the quality of our research. Those activities will not only help our faculty to improve their capacity but also will create financial resources so we can run our activities successfully.


Tất cả

Address: 554 National way 61, Hoa Duc Hamlet, Hoa An Commune, Phung Hiep District, Hau Giang Province
Phone: (84) (293) 3511111 hoặc (84) (293) 2229079;
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